Virtual Campaign (VC)#

📅 When? Thursday and Friday in January/February 2024 for four weeks

Starting from 11th January we meet every Thursday and Friday (🕰 1 – 5 pm UTC | 2 – 6 pm CET | 8 am – 12 pm EDT)

The overarching aim of the VC#

I.) People shall get to know each other and voice their research interest. We envision first definitions of basic flight patterns that everyone generally agrees with and list special patterns that we might need to cover during the campaign (e.g. radar calibration wiggle). Also, we should get a feeling for the boundary conditions for the campaign: what happens in case of a tropical cyclone or the like?

II.) Start collecting tools/scripts/datasets that are useful during the campaign for flight planning or first data evaluation.


Group work: We envision groups of about 5 people to work in parallel to plan the flights and ship track. We suggest to divide the group work into two phases:

  • (Week 1 and 2) Come up with the ship track and a generic flight pattern based on the observed variability of the atmospheric conditions.

  • (Week 3 and 4) Handle a specific real-day case study from the past and come up with a realistic flight plan.

All times are CET.

Week 1 & 2#

Time [CET]


Jan, 11th

2 pm

Welcome and Introduction

2:10 pm

Overview talks + most recent flight/ship track ideas of (sub-)programs

4 pm


4:20 pm

Overview of boundary conditions for flight planning

5:00 pm

Topic collection, Group distribution

6 pm


Jan, 12th

2 pm


2:05 pm

Tool(s) introduction

2:25 pm

Group distribution

2:30 pm

Breakout Sessions (autonomous break(s))

5:30 pm

Reconvene in plenum

Jan, 18th

2 – 6 pm

Group work: Planning operations within platforms

Jan, 19th

2 – 6 pm

Group work: Planning operations within platforms

Envisioned outcome of week 1 and 2

  • METEOR ship track

  • generic HALO flight pattern

  • generic ATR flight pattern (+coordination with HALO flights)

Week 3 & 4#

Time [CET]


Jan, 25th

2 – 2.30 pm

Discussion on an ORCESTRA data strategy

2.30 – 6 pm

Discussion on coordination across platforms

Jan, 26th

2 – 6 pm

Group work: planning operations for specific dates

Feb, 1st

2 – 6 pm

Group work: planning operations for specific dates

Feb, 2nd

2 – 3 pm

Presentation about some tools

3 – 4 pm

Summary of example cases, conclusion, planning next steps

Envisioned outcome of week 3 and 4

  • Have some realistic flight plans

  • Ideas for special patterns

  • List of tools/scripts/datasets to prepare before the campaign

    • data policy agreement, a plan for a data concept

📑📊 Materials:#

  • Presentations are uploaded here.

  • Some tools and data scripts:

    • AERIS - Flight track planning tool shaped for MAESTRO

    • MISVA - Monitoring and forecast of IntraSeasonal Variability over Africa

    • TOOCAN - Tracking and characterizing mesoscale convective systems

    • ERA5 example data script

    • pyorcestra - A python package created for ORCESTRA purposes